Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Joughin, Mr Charles John Collapsible B 12 5.00


British Inquiry
Testimony of Charles Joughin
    6085. Then you spoke of a collapsible boat. Tell us shortly about it? - Just as it was breaking daylight I saw what I thought was some wreckage, and I started to swim towards it slowly. When I got near enough, I found it was a collapsible not properly upturned but on its side, with an officer and I should say about twenty or twenty-five men standing on the top of it.
    6086. (The Commissioner.) With an officer and what? - I should say roughly about twenty-five men standing on the top - well, on the side, not on the top.
    6087. (The Solicitor-General.) Do you know which officer it was? - Yes, Mr. Lightoller.
    6088. Mr. Lightoller and you think about twenty or twenty-five people? - Yes.
    6094. Did you swim towards it? - Yes.
    6095. Was there any room for you? - No, Sir.
    6096. You agree, do you, that there really was not room for you? - There was not room.
    6097. And so they could not take you in? - There was no room for any more. They were standing on it then.
    6098. Did you stay near it? - I tried to get on it, but I was pushed off it, and I what you call hung around it.
    6099. How much later on was it that you were picked up? - I eventually got round to the opposite side, and a cook that was on the collapsible recognised me, and held out his hand and held me - a chap named Maynard.
    6100. Was he able to pull you out of the water, or was he only just able to help to support you? - No.
    6101. He gave you a hand, and you kept treading water? - No. My lifebelt helped me, and I held on the side of the boat.

    6105. You were picked up, were you, by a lifeboat later on? - We were hanging on to this collapsible, and eventually a lifeboat came in sight.
    6106. And they took you aboard? - They got within about 50 yards and they sung out that they could only take 10. So I said to this Maynard, “Let go my hand,” and I swam to meet it, so that I would be one of the 10.
    6107. Did you swim to it, and were you taken in? - Yes, I was taken in.

    6111. (The Solicitor-General.) This lifeboat that took you aboard - did it also take some men off the collapsible? - Yes.
    6112. How many? - I could not tell you, Sir.
    6113. You did not notice? - I climbed in and then she went alongside the collapsible afterwards, after I had got in, but I did not notice how many she took.

    6116. Can you tell me this. Did this lifeboat that took you aboard, and also took some others aboard, keep you in it until you got to the “Carpathia,” or were any people transferred? - All kept in it till we got to the “Carpathia.”
    6117. You do not know who was in command of the boat that picked you up? - Mr. Lightoller left the collapsible and then took charge of the boat till we reached the “Carpathia.”

    6121. There was just room for Lightoller to get on board and take command? - There was only room for Mr. Lightoller to stand on the forward part. He had to stand on top and give orders.
    6122. There was Mr. Lightoller and there was yourself. Do you know whether it took others on board, and how many? - It took a few more off the collapsible, but I did not recognise them.
    6123. And this boat into which you got, the boat Lightoller took command of, what were the people who were in it - women, or men or what? - Mostly women. Bride was one that I recognised.
    6124. The Marconi operator? - The Marconi boy. He was one that was taken off the same collapsible.
    6125. He was on this collapsible, was he? - Yes, Bride and Maynard. Those two I recognised.
    6126. Maynard was the cook? - Yes.

Lightoller, along with the others mentioned, including Joughin, transferred to #12.