Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Jonsson, Mr Carl Collapsible A (7 votes)
Collapsible B (1 vote)
4 or 12


Minneapolis Morning Tribune, May 1, 1912, summary.
    "When we went under the four boys and myself were holding hands and the two girls were clinging to my coat.  It felt as though a current drew us toward the stern of the ship.
    When I came to the surface, I was alone.  The water was ice cold and we had been unable to cling together.  .... I floated for six hours and a half, drifting near a boat.  ....  I had a fight in the water with six men sitting on a collapsible lifeboat.  I wanted to take hold of the end of it, but one fellow kicked at me.  I got mad and grabbed his leg and hung on to it until daylight."

His statement of "six men" is more compatible with the number on Collapsible A, 13 or so, than Collapsible B , approximately 33.  Most of us felt A was more likely than B, though we didn't feel sure about either.