Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Johannesen, Mr Bernt Johannes 13 13 5.00
Madsen, Mr Fridtjof Arne
13 13 5.00
Olsen, Master Arthur Carl
13 13 5.00


Rogalands Avis, September 12th 1956:
    "The boat had all come a long way down. Johannessen jumped, grabbed the waist runner and lowered himself. The boat was not full - Johannessen believes today that there were 50-60 people in it. Among them was also a twenty-year-old man from Trondheim (Madsen), together with a nine-year-old boy (Olsen). Johannessen is no longer able to remember the names of the two."

This is an indication of Madsen, Olsen and Johannessen in a lifeboat together.  Madsen and Olsen are the only survivors from Trondheim.

Nordiske Tidende, April 25th 1912:
    "Fridtjof Madsen was interviewed briefly and said, 'When the boat with the boy (Olsen) in it had gone off, the father and Fridtjof Madsen, stood together on deck. The ship sank more and more. Madsen suggested that they should jump out and try to get away from the boat, but Olsen thought that should they die, it could just as well happen where they were. In the crowd they got away from each other. Three minutes before the Titanic sank, Madsen jumped into the sea and was rescued in one of the boats.'"

Johannesen, in the Boston Globe, April 27, 1912, said "he lowered himself into the thirteenth lifeboat." 

Titanic: 31 Norwegian Destinies by Per Kristian Sebak agrees that the three were all rescued in #13.