Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level

Jewell, Mr Archie

7 7 5.00
Hogg, Mr George Alfred 7 7 5.00
Weller, Mr William Clifford 7 7 5.00


British Inquiry
Testimony of Archie Jewell
    88. (The Solicitor-General.) You say that when you were ordered up on deck and there was the muster, you went to No. 7? - Yes.

    107. You were one of the seamen told off for her. Did you get into her? - Yes, there were three seamen into that boat.

    121. (The Solicitor-General.) Who was in charge of the boat? - Hogg.
    122. That is the look-out man you spoke of, is it? - That is right.
    123. There was Hogg and yourself and Weller? - Yes.
    124. Were those the only three members of the crew in the boat? - That is all.

American Inquiry
Testimony of George Hogg, page 578
    Mr. HOGG. As I got past the No. 7 boat on the starboard side, Mr. Murdoch, chief officer, said: "See that those plugs are in that boat." I put the plugs in, and I said: "The plugs are all correct," and I jumped out again.
    Senator PERKINS. Who lowered away at the falls?
    Mr. HOGG. I jumped out to assist with the falls; and he said: "You step in that boat." I said, "Very good, sir." Mr. Murdoch lowered one end, and I am trying to think of the man that lowered the other end. Evans lowered the other end.