Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Jerwan, Mrs Marie Marthe 11 11 5.00


In May of 1912 Mrs. Jerwan wrote the following letter to her sister in Mont-de-Couvet, France. Letter is quoted in On Board RMS Titanic:
    "So many mothers separated from their children; it is an unforgettable picture. There were almost 30 of us in the boat, and I always hoped that our friends could get on it, but a child of eight months was put on whose mother they would not let enter. She begged them to give her her child, but the officer was firm, and he seemed to us cruel. He told her: ―You will rejoin your child. Go to the following boat...
    As the Titanic was very high, it seemed that the boat was hastening into nothingness, and just before touching the water the sailors let go of the ropes, more on one side than the other. The boat was therefore so slanted that we cried out in distress. Finally we were able to regain our balance and reached the water. They cut the ropes and six men who were part of the group started to row....
    Not having any compass in the boat, we strayed under the protection of God, and after everything had disappeared, we let our boat go at will in the water, having only the stars for our guide. From time to time the sailor burned a piece of rope in order to make signals to other boats. Fortunately one of the men had some matches with him, and it‘s thanks to his foresight that we could signal the other unfortunate companions."

Mrs. Jerwan mentions burning rope in the lifeboat, which we know happened in #11 per Brice.

Regarding No. 11, Mrs. Schabert describes also that the boat was lowered unevenly. “Then we were lowered in the lifeboat jerk after jerk, and so unevenly that we expected to be thrown into the water.”

The baby being put in the boat and its mother made to get in the next one also fits boat 11. We know they tried to separate the Quick children from their mother in #11, the Becker children from their mother, and were able to separate one foreign lady from her baby.