Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
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Ibrahim, Mrs Mariya Zahie Halaut Coll. D (6 votes)
14 (2 votes)
Coll. D
12 or 4?


Greensburg Herald Tribune, April 22, 1912, regarding Mrs Ibrahim:
    "People, half dressed, swarmed on deck. The officers ordered boats to be filled with women and rowed away. A seaman picked her up and threw her into the boat. In his haste he nearly missed altogether. Crowding around the railing were men, fighting for an opportunity to get in the remaining lifeboats. Officers ordered them to stand back and make way for the women and children. Good order was restored and after the first panic, men bravely lowered the women to safety. The lifeboat was crowded. She watched the big ship with all the lights sinking lower and lower until all the lights went out. The sun was just above the surface of the sea the next morning when she was taken on the Carpathia. All night the women in her boat sat and shivered in the biting air. Her clothing was frozen to her body."
    "Four sailors from her lifeboat rowed away from the side of the sinking ship. Finally they joined a group of lifeboats and the little flotilla was fastened together with ropes to afford better protection o (sic) the damaged boats."

The article also talks about how she fell from the ship into the water and was picked up by a boat which later overturned. She and several others were rescued from this overturned boat before they all tied together. Perhaps this is due to a poor translator. Perhaps she was in #12 or #4 that rescued the men from overturned B?  Or she left the Titanic in a lifeboat, but was transferred from one boat to another once afloat, and while doing so, she got wet?.

John Hardy testimony at the American Inquiry, page 589, regarding Collapsible D:
    Senator FLETCHER. Do you know the names of any of the passengers?
    Mr. HARDY. No, sir; I do not. They were all strangers to me. There were a number of third-class passengers, that were Syrians, in the bottom of the boat, chattering the whole night in their strange language.

We were not very sure about
Mrs Ibrahim, some of us voting for Collapsible D, some for #14 with a transfer to #12 or #4.