Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Hunt, Mr Albert Collapsible C Collapsible C 5.00


From the Southampton Times, April 29, 1912:
"When the last but one collapsible boat was ordered away there were some men in it, and the chief officer ordered all the men out. One Italian turned round and said he would not come out, so the officer shot him and pitched him over the side. When the boat was about six feet down I jumped down into it, and heard the captain say, “Stand-by to pick up survivors.” We had 49 women and children in the boat, and could not take anyone else. There were four men in the boat,..."

Note that the "Chief Officer" could likely refer to Wilde or Murdoch, both of whom were at Collapsible C. C had approx. forty-three in it, as lowered. D had about twenty as lowered, but picked up two that jumped in as it passed A Deck,
one from the sea, and about 12 from the Lowe transfers, ending with around 35. Collapsible C was "the last but one" of the lifeboats, so Hunt may have seen Collapsible A being prepared for launching. His description of the shooting also suggests Collapsible C, since Murdoch shot into the air at C to get the men to "clear out" of it.

We are convinced that Hunt was in Collapsible C.