Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Humphreys, Mr Sidney James 11 11 5.00
Brice, Mr Walter T 11 11 5.00


American Inquiry
Testimony of Walter Brice, page 650-652

    Senator BOURNE. After you went to No. 11 boat, what did you do?
    Mr. BRICE. The boat was filled from A deck, sir; there was an officer said, "Is there a sailor in the boat?" Which officer it was I could not say, amongst the crowd. There was only one officer that I knew, and that was Mr. Lightoller. There was no answer. I jumped out and went down the fall into the bow of the boat. There was nobody in the stern of the boat. I went aft and shipped the rudder, and in that time the boat had been filled with women and children.

    Senator BOURNE. Who had charge of the boat?
    Mr. BRICE. Mr. Humphreys.
    Senator BOURNE. What was his position?
    Mr. BRICE. He was an able seaman.
    Senator BOURNE. Who designated him to take charge of the boat, the officer?
    Mr. BRICE. No, sir.
    Senator BOURNE. He took charge?
    Mr. BRICE. He took charge himself.
    Senator BOURNE. Why did he take charge in preference to you? Did he rank you?
    Mr. BRICE. No, sir.
    Senator BOURNE. You were equal in rank?
    Mr. BRICE. The only difference was that he was on the saloon deck.
    Senator BOURNE. He took charge?
    Mr. BRICE. He took charge.