Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Hoyt, Mr William Fisher 14 (from sea) 14 (died in lifeboat) 5.00


American Inquiry
Testimony of
Harold Lowe, Page 408
   Mr. LOWE.  Yes. Then I went off and I rowed off to the wreckage and around the wreckage and I picked up four people.
    Senator SMITH.  Dead or alive?
    Mr. LOWE.  Four alive.
    Senator SMITH.  Who were they?
    Mr. LOWE.  I do not know.
    Senator SMITH.  Have you ever found out?
    Mr. LOWE.  I do not know who those three live persons were; they never came near me afterwards, either to say this, that, or the other. But one died, and that was a Mr. Hoyt, of New York, and it took all the boat's crew to pull this gentleman into the boat, because he was an enormous man, and I suppose he had been soaked fairly well with water, and when we picked him up he was bleeding from the mouth and from the nose. So we did get him on board and I propped him up at the stern of the boat, and we let go his collar, took his collar off, and loosened his shirt so as to give him every chance to breathe; but, unfortunately, he died. I suppose he was too far gone when we picked him up. But the other three survived. I then left the wreck. I went right around and, strange to say, I did not see a single female body, not one, around the wreckage.

Hoyt was buried at sea from the Carpathia.