Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
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Howard, Miss May Elizabeth
Collapsible C
Collapsible C 5.00

Orleans American and Weekly Newspaper, May 2nd 1912, interview with Mrs. Howard:
    "One of the ship’s officers grabbed Mrs Goldsmith and me and pushed us to the edge of the ship where the lifeboat was bring filled with women and children. An officer there shouted, 'All men back, women come first'.
    There was no attempt of any of the men to get into the boat and when we left the Titanic our boat carried 28 women and children, and three men, one of whom was the quartermaster. Our boat could easily have carried fifteen more had they cared to leave the ship, but they did not realise the ship was in danger and refused to enter the small boats. Those in our boat did not understand that the ship was in any danger, but we believed we were to be taken in the small boats for about two or three hours and after the ship had been repaired and made ready to continue her journey we would be returned to the Titanic. The lifeboat in which I left the Titanic was the last, but one, of those picked up by the Carpathia. Our boat was a collapsible one and the one that followed us was the boat that was washed off the deck as the ship sank.
    My friend, Mrs Goldsmith and her son, left the Titanic in the boat with me and were saved. Her husband was one of those who stood back to make room for the women passengers in the lifeboat and was drowned."

Miss Howard, along with the Goldsmiths, left the Titanic in Collapsible C.