Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Hosono, Mr Masabumi 10 12? 5.00


From Voyage 27, which has Hosono’s full account, here are the pertinent parts (Pages 122, 124, 126):
    "The lifeboats were lowered one after another and were packed with women. The last woman was helped into the boat and had to be dropped a few feet. The officer counting the number of passengers in the lifeboat yelled out, 'Room for two more!' No sooner had the yell been given that a man jumped in instantly. ....
    I myself was deep in my desolate thought that I would no more be able to see my beloved wife and children, since there were no other alternatives for me than to share the same destiny as the Titanic.  The example of the first man jumping led me to take this last chance. Even if I became the target of a pistol shot, it would be the same ! Thus, I made a jump for the lifeboat which had stopped, and was hanging only a few feet below. ....  

    We were soon transferred to other lifeboats (Lowe’s Flottila) .... In our lifeboat there were only two men, an Armenian and myself. ....
    At eight o'clock, the large rescue ship anived at the exact spot where the disaster had occurred and made a complete stop. The survivors were picked up by the 'mother ship' one by one. Our lifeboat was the last one that was taken care of."

The woman who "had to be dropped a few feet", must be the woman who fell between #10 and the Titanic, which was reported by multiple people.  The "Armenian" is also mentioned as being in #10, along with a "Chinese".  He also says he was transferred to another boat, which could be any of #4, #12, or Collapsible D.  His comment regarding "the last one that was taken care of" does seem to indicate #12.