Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Horswill, Mr Albert Edward James 1 1 5.00


British Inquiry
Testimony of Albert Horswill
    12321. (The Attorney - General.)  Do you remember being ordered into the emergency boat on the starboard side? - Yes.
    12322. Who ordered you to get into the boat? - The First Officer, Mr. Murdoch.
    12323. Do you know Mr. Lowe? - Yes.
    12324. The Fifth Officer? - Yes.
    12325. Was he about at the time? - I did not see him.
    12326. Then you were ordered into the boat, and did you get in? - Yes.
    12327. Were there any passengers in when you got into the boat? - No, nobody at all.
    12328. After you had got in, five passengers were in your boat and you were seven crew all told? - Yes.
    12329. That is right. Now there was plenty of room in the boat for others? - Yes.
    12330. Do you remember what the orders were that were given to the boat when she was lowered? - Yes.
    12331. Will you tell me what they were? - To lower the boat and lay off the ship.
    12332. And come back when called? - Yes.
    12333. Let me put it to you as we have had it. Was the boat told to stand off a little way and come back when called? - That is right.
    12334. Did you proceed to row a little way off? - Yes.