Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Hopkins, Mr Robert John 13 13 5.00
Lee, Mr Reginald Robinson 13 13 5.00


British Inquiry
Testimony of Reginald Lee
     2526. Did you get any order about that? - No, but I did not want to make a jump for it, and I went on to the next boat because there was scarcely anybody in that boat.
    2527. You mean there was scarcely anybody in No. 13 boat? - Yes. Mr. ---- , I cannot tell you what his name is - a tall officer, about 6 feet in height, fresh complexion - I forget his name; I could not remember his name - he was there attending to passing the passengers into the boats.
    2528. Was it Mr. Wilde, the chief officer? - No, He is about the sixth officer, or the fifth officer.
    2529. At any rate, he was a very tall man, according to you? - Yes, tall and spare. I think he was drowned.
    2530. Then what did you do? - We put some women and children into the boat, and then there were some passengers got in, and I was ordered by him to get in the boat and we lowered away; and then No. 15 very nearly came on top of us.
    2531. That is No. 13 you are speaking of? - Yes.
    2532. And No. 15 very nearly came on top of you? - Yes.
    2533. I do not think it will be useful to go all through that again; we have heard what happened from Barrett, and I shall leave that. Then what did you do when you got into the boat? Were there any seamen on board? - Three of us; three able seamen.
    2534. Besides yourself? - There were three able seamen in the boat.
    2535. In No. 13? - Yes, three able seamen.
    2536. Who were they? Do you know who the other two were? - Hopkins was the name of one, but I do not know the name of the other fellow.
    2537. But you knew he was an able seaman? - Yes.