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Hichens, Mr Robert 6 6 5.00


American Inquiry
Testimony of Robert Hichens, page 451
    Mr. HITCHENS.   I left the wheel at 23 minutes past 12, sir. I was relieved by Quartermaster Perkis. He relieved me at 23 minutes past 12. I think the first officer, or one of the officers said, "That will do with the wheel; get the boats out." I went out to get the boats out on the port side. I think I got in No. 6 boat, sir; put in charge of her by the second officer, Mr. Lightoller. We lowered away from the ship, sir, and were told to "Pull toward that light," which we started to do, to pull for that light. I had 38 women in the boat, sir, 1 seaman and myself, with 2 male passengers, 1 Italian boy and a Canadian major who testified here yesterday.
    Senator SMITH.  Were you in charge of the boat?
    Mr. HITCHENS.   I was; yes, sir. .