Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
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Hewlett, Mrs Mary Dunbar  13
13 5.00

Interview with Mrs. Hewlett, from the Evanston Daily News, April 25th 1912:
    "On returning I met a man with two lifebelts and asked him for one. He gave me one and I strapped it on myself. I then started for the deck. I was directed to a small and narrow iron ladder. They told me it was the only way to the main deck.
Just as I was climbing the ladder a throng of steerage passengers fought their way up and started clambering for the stairs. When I reached the deck the men forced me into the lifeboat waiting to be lowered. It was boat No. 13 and next to the last lifeboat to leave the doomed vessel.
    When I got into the lifeboat it was very nearly filled and there were more men than women. Fifty were saved and there were not more than ten women in that number. The majority of the passengers in the boat I was in were steerage people. There were men with their wives in this boat while many first class men were separated from their wives. I cannot understand this."

Mrs Hewlett wrote a letter on board the Laconia, on May 30th 1912, in which she repeats much of the substance of the account in the newspaper.