Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Hendrickson, Mr Charles George 1 1 5.00


British Inquiry
Testimony of Charles Hendrickson
    4994. Did you do anything on the starboard side? - The boatswain called me and asked me to lend him a hand with the boat on the after side of the bridge.
    4995. That is this little bridge which is there, No. 1 boat, was it not? - Yes.
    4996. Did you assist to lower that? - To clear it - to clear the rope away and everything.
    4997. Who were there at that boat? - I could not say; I knew the boatswain was there and an officer, and at the time the officer started firing rockets.
    4998. Were there some other firemen there? - I found out afterwards there were.
    4999. Did you start to get the boat ready? - Yes.
    5000. How many of you were there at that time? - I suppose there would be about 20 of us; that would be passengers and crew mixed.
    5001. Were there any women? - I think there were two women there.
    5002. Could you tell whether the passengers were first, second or third-class, or anything of that sort? - I could not say.
    5003. Were the women put into the boat? - Yes.
    5004. Who also was put in the boat? - I think it was three gentlemen and two sailors; and this officer - I do not know who the officer was - called out, “Are there any more women here?” and there was no answer. He said, “How many seamen are there in the boat?” They said, “Two.” He said “Six firemen jump in.” I do not suppose there were six firemen there. He said to me, “Jump in,” and four got in beside myself.
    5005. That was all on the boat deck? - On the boat deck.
    5006. Was the boat then lowered? - No, it was on the davits; it was swung out ready for lowering. Soon after we got into it the officer sung out, “Are there any more passengers here?” There was no answer, and he started lowering away. That was after the rockets had been fired.
    5007. How far did you lower her? - Right the way down.
    5008. How many people were in her? - About 12 or 13, I think.
    5009. Who was in charge? - One of the seamen as far as I know.
    5010. Do you know his name? - Symons, or Simmons.
    The Commissioner: Was this No. 12 boat?
    5011. (Mr. Rowlatt.) No. 1 boat, the one you see hung out there, the emergency boat.