Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Hendrickson, Mr Charles George 1 1 5.00


British Inquiry
Testimony of Charles Hendrickson
    4994. Did you do anything on the starboard side? - The boatswain called me and asked me to lend him a hand with the boat on the after side of the bridge.
    4995. That is this little bridge which is there, No. 1 boat, was it not? - Yes.
    4996. Did you assist to lower that? - To clear it - to clear the rope away and everything.
    4997. Who were there at that boat? - I could not say; I knew the boatswain was there and an officer, and at the time the officer started firing rockets.
    4998. Were there some other firemen there? - I found out afterwards there were.
    4999. Did you start to get the boat ready? - Yes.
    5000. How many of you were there at that time? - I suppose there would be about 20 of us; that would be passengers and crew mixed.
    5001. Were there any women? - I think there were two women there.
    5002. Could you tell whether the passengers were first, second or third-class, or anything of that sort? - I could not say.
    5003. Were the women put into the boat? - Yes.
    5004. Who also was put in the boat? - I think it was three gentlemen and two sailors; and this officer - I do not know who the officer was - called out, �Are there any more women here?� and there was no answer. He said, �How many seamen are there in the boat?� They said, �Two.� He said �Six firemen jump in.� I do not suppose there were six firemen there. He said to me, �Jump in,� and four got in beside myself.
    5005. That was all on the boat deck? - On the boat deck.
    5006. Was the boat then lowered? - No, it was on the davits; it was swung out ready for lowering. Soon after we got into it the officer sung out, �Are there any more passengers here?� There was no answer, and he started lowering away. That was after the rockets had been fired.
    5007. How far did you lower her? - Right the way down.
    5008. How many people were in her? - About 12 or 13, I think.
    5009. Who was in charge? - One of the seamen as far as I know.
    5010. Do you know his name? - Symons, or Simmons.
    The Commissioner: Was this No. 12 boat?
    5011. (Mr. Rowlatt.) No. 1 boat, the one you see hung out there, the emergency boat.