Lifeboat from Titanic
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Confidence Level
Hellström, Miss Hilda Maria Collapsible C
Collapsible C 2.64

Nordsternan, April 23rd 1912 account from Miss
    "I and my companions were all in our bunks when the collision occurred. We did not hurry when we got the appointment to dress us. When we reached the deck we were assured that there was no immediate danger, and we Swedes were all very calm, but the southerners and the Irish had a terrible life. As you had to move as you wanted, I thought it would be a great opportunity to get a glance at all the elegance of the second class, and I gave up on a discovery expedition, which succeeded in seeing the glory of the second class smoke salon. Here you played briefly, roused and smoked in good calm. However, I thought it started to get cold, so I went back into my cabin to get more outerwear. This was about ten minutes before the "Titanic" dropped. I got up well and I managed to get along in one of the last rescue boats. In this, one of my Swedish comrades also got a place. The boat was too crowded almost filled by Italians. In the penetrating cold, the half-naked Italian children were almost frozen stiff, and to protect them, my companion and I took off our robes and swept around them."

Hugh Woolner and Emily Goldsmith refer to a number of ‘Italian’ passengers in and around Collapsible C. This was also one of the last boats, and according to Miss Hellström, she left in a boat ten minutes before the Titanic sank. For this reason the group felt that it was most likely that Miss Hellström left the Titanic in Collapsible C. Without more specific information, it was not possible to ascribe a higher level of confidence.