Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Harris, Mrs Irene Rachel Collapsible D Collapsible D 5.00
Hoyt, Mr Frederick Maxfield Collapsible D Collapsible D 5.00
Hoyt, Mrs Jane Anne Collapsible D Collapsible D 5.00


From On Board RMS Titanic, page 322, May 11, account from Rene Harris to Ada Patterson:
    “I was in a collapsible boat. You understand what a collapsible boat is? It is of canvas and used for emergencies when the lifeboats give out.”  “Was Ismay on this boat?”  An eloquent silence, a flash of tragic black eyes, followed by, “He was not.”
    “There were terror and chaos in the boat on the part of the quartermaster and crew. ‘Look out for the suction,’ they yelled. ‘Row for your lives.’ A woman took her place at the oars. When we had got farther away from the place where the Titanic sank a man was pulled into the boat. As he lay in the bottom of the boat he looked into the face of the woman who was rowing. ‘Jane,’ he said. “For a moment she stopped rowing. ‘Fred,’ she called and tossed him her shawl and went on rowing. It was her husband. The sea had given back the Hoyts to each other.”

The only collapsible boat that was successfully launched, that did not have Bruce Ismay in it, was Collapsible D.

At the
American Inquiry, page 888, Woolner confirms Harris' story, and Hoyt's rescue..
   Senator SMITH. You pulled yourself up out of the water?
    Mr. WOOLNER.  Yes; and then I hooked my right heel over the gunwale, and by this time Steffanson was standing up, and he caught hold of me and lifted me in.  Then we looked over into the sea and saw a man swimming in the sea just beneath us, and pulled him in.