Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Harris, Mr George
13 (4 votes)
13 or 15 (5 votes)
13 (4 votes)
13 or 15 (5 votes)


From The Daily Advocate, Stamford, Connecticut, April 19th 1912:
    “We had fifty persons in our boat which was number 13. I stayed at one oar while the other five were constantly changing. I never felt better in my life. The air was just chilly enough to make one want to work. My feet never touched a drop of water throughout. When we sighted the Carpathia, we went alongside with oars upright in true sailor fashion and were treated royally when taken aboard.”

Mr Harris does not describe lifeboat 15 coming down on top of lifeboat 13, but not all passengers who are known to have been in boat 13 mention this incident. Harris says he left in the fourth boat, which would have been boat 15 on the aft starboard deck.
Confusingly, Harris says that the second class barber, blasted off the deck by an explosion, was picked up by his boat. The second class barber did not survive sinking, nor do we have accounts of #13 or #15 picking up persons from the water.

We could not decide among ourselves between #13 and #15, so we include the voting on both boats.