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Harris, Mr Frederick
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The Western Daily Mercury, April 29, 1912:
     "He himself got onto a small raft, but was afterwards taken into a boat. He was half dead with the cold.”

Western Times, April 30, 1912:
    "Fredk. Harris of Gosport said when the last boat had gone and it was realised that the vessel was going to sink, there was wild confusion, and deck chairs and anything that would float were seized by the men as they jumped overboard. He saw the captain jump into the water and swim to a child, which he placed on a raft."

Portsmouth Times, May 4, 1912: 
     "Fred Harris, surviving fireman, was in boat 14, the last but one to leave the port side."

These accounts do not agree, and leave us with differing choices.  "The small raft" could indicate Collapsible A, whose people were recovered by #14.  Seeing Captain Smith jump into the water could also indicate A to #14.  The last account says #14, but gives no verifying details.