Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Harper, Mr Henry Sleeper 3 3 5.00
Harper, Mrs Myra R. 3 3 5.00
Hassab, Mr Hammad
3 3 5.00


Harper’s Weekly, April 27, 1912, account by Henry Harper:
    “Then we climbed up to the next deck, and so on. At last we got up to the gymnasium, which was on the top deck, and I sat down beside my wife...
    Presently a number of stewards and other men of the ship’s company began to fuss with the tackle of a couple of lifeboats near where we were on the upper deck. ….. We took a look at both boats. My wife thought the one farther off was better because there would be hardly a dozen people left to go in it after the big boat beside us was filled. I looked them both over, saw that the farther boat had no water-tight compartments in it while the one near had; so I said: “No; let’s take this. It will float longest. 
    With that I handed my wife down into the nearer, bigger boat, and she comfortably seated herself on a thwart. Other women and other men climbed aboard. An old dragoman of mine [Hammad Hassab] who had come with me from Alexandria - because he wanted “to see the country all the crazy Americans came from,” as he explained it - made his way into the unfamiliar boat and settled himself. He made himself quite at home. Four or five stokers or some such men came along and jumped into the boat at the forward end. The sailor who seemed to be in charge of the boat laughed a little.
    The sailor who seemed to be in charge ordered, “Lower away!” The gang at each end of the boat began to pay out the boat-falls, so that our life-boat went down, first by the head, then by the stern, in a series of jerks. Lower by machinery? Not an inch - so far as I saw. It was all done by hand, and very clumsily done. If there had been any sea running, I feel sure our boat would have been smashed against the ship’s side. ....
    Somehow or other they got her clear at last, and the four men at the oars began to row. And such rowing! You’ve seen the young man who hires a boat on Central Park lake on Sunday and tries to show off? Well, about like that - skying the oar on every recover, burying the blade on the pull or missing it altogether. There was only one man in the four who knew how to row. The steering was worse. The four oarsmen paddled as briskly as they could, and our boat, with say, some forty people in it, began to move away from the ship, slowly but not surely. For the man at the tiller would pull it toward himself for a while and send her around to port, or push the tiller away and swerve her around to starboard."

Gracie says both Mr. and Mrs Harper were in #3, along with the manservant, but gives us no details as to how he came to that conclusion.

Harper says they were near the gymnasium, which was on the starboard side.  They then entered "the nearer, bigger boat", that seems to indicate boats #1 and #3, and they entered the larger, which would be #3.  Harper also indicates his manservant, Mr. Hassab, entered with them.