Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Hansen, Mrs Jennie Louise 11 11 5.00

From a June 1912 issue of the Hampshire Independent, which quoted a letter Mrs. Hansen wrote to an unidentified crewman (the Southampton Echo of June 3rd, 1912 also quoted the letter):
   "I am the lady on whose lap you sat in the rowboat, and I still have the scarf which I gave you for your head... I am suffering from nervous collapse, as I can't shed a tear. I often think of the mascot (the pig). Do you know what became of same. I think it no more than my duty to write you, again thanking you for saving us by your constant and faithful rowing. I have heard nothing of my husband or brother-in-law as yet, but am still in hopes of receiving their bodies."

London (Ontario) Free Press,  April 23, 1912:
   "In answer to a query she said that she escaped in boat No. 11, the same one that carried Mrs. Jane Quick whose husband, now of Detroit, was formerly a resident of this city, and her two daughters to safety."

Mrs. Quick escaped in #11.  And 'the pig' was
Edith Rosenbaum's musical toy pig.  Rosenbaum and the pig were also in #11.