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Gregson, Miss Mary Josephine D (9 votes)
14 (3 votes)
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Daily Mirror, May 4, 1912:
    “Mrs. E. Leather, of Birmingham, gave me a succinct narrative of her escape in Boat 16, which was the last on the port side to be filled, at about 1.30. The master-at-arms, Mr. Bailey, was in charge, and there were two sailors and two firemen, the rest of the 42 on board were all women, mostly from the steerage, except two foreigners, who hid under the seats. Miss Marsden rowed all night with the men, Miss Jessop and myself nursed two little babies. Miss Gregson took charge of a little French baby all night, and Mrs. Roberts also had a baby, but they were in another boat.”

This makes it clear that Miss Gregson was not in lifeboat #16 with Mrs Leather. We know that the two (French) Navratil boys were in Collapsible D.  Or, the other option is the French baby was one of the Laroches, then Miss Gregson may have been in #14.