Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Gibson, Miss Dorothy Winifred 7 7 5.00
Gibson, Mrs Pauline Caroline
7 7 5.00
Seward, Mr Frederic Kimber 7 7 5.00
Sloper, Mr William Thompson 7 7 5.00

William Sloper’s April 18, 1912 account, reprinted in On Board RMS Titanic, page 174:
    “Miss G[ibson], who was now in a state of high nervous excitement, made toward the first boat, and for fear that she might misstep or jump, I kept hold of her arm, and I remember tried to quiet her by saying 'Keep a stiff upper lip.' When the officers in charge of the first boat motioned for us to step in she stepped forward with her mother and the gentleman who had been playing cards with us, and I helped them into the boat and followed after them. People sort of hung back at this time. Many men wouldn't leave the ship or let their friends, as they couldn't believe that the ship could really go down.”

In William Sloper’s later written account, reprinted in Commutator #158, Sloper is specific, by name, about Dorothy Gibson and her mother, and Frederic Seward.
    “So, with the help of the first officer, I handed Dorothy down into the bow of the lifeboat. Mr. Seward and a junior officer handed Mrs. Gibson down after her daughter. Luckily for both Seward and me Dorothy held on to my hand and demanded that we also get into the boat with them. 'We won’t go unless you do,' she said. 'What do you say?' I asked Seward. 'What’s the difference, we may as well go along with them,' he replied. So, the officers helped us down after the ladies.”