Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Gibbons, Mr Jacob William
11 11 5.00

Bournemouth Daily Echo, May 3 1912, interview with Mr Gibbons:
    "When I got up on deck the boats were being lowered away, but many of the passengers seemed to prefer sticking to the ship. I helped some of the passengers into boat No. 11, including two little children. Before doing this I had scanned the deck for others but could see nobody about"
    Mr. Gibbons commenting on the obstinate way in which passengers would go back to their cabins for nick-nacks said :- "I saw one lady covered in furs complaining that she had several more left behind. She had a mascot in the shape of a little pig which played a tune and she would not leave the ship until she had secured her treasure.
    We drew away from the Titanic in charge of Mr. Wheat another steward and when about half a mile away saw her sink. The cries of those onboard were terrible and I doubt whether the memory of them will ever leave me during my lifetime."

Steward Wheat told the British Inquiry that he (Wheat) was in lifeboat 11. The lady in furs with the pig was Miss Edith Rosenbaum, also in #11.