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According to her family, Ethel left in another boat, but was transferred to boat 12 during the night. That boat picked up men from an overturned boat, including a man who was drunk. The family say, in two different accounts, that she left in 10 and was transferred, and that she left in 14, and was transferred. It is unknown how much of what they know comes from Ethel, and how much they have read into the story over the years. However, they maintain that she started in one boat and was transferred to a second.

According to Peter Engberg, Susie Webber recognized Miss Garside in her boat. He did not give a source of that information.

Her account in the Racine (Wisconsin) Journal of April 23, 1912 states:
    "Everything was orderly in getting their boat away from the ship and until they were rescued by the Carpathia, but she was compelled to sit in the boat, resting her feet on a dead man."

This account could be referring to either #4 or #12, though it is pretty vague, and we had to discount it.

Since she transferred boats, and since she might possibly have been in Susie Webber’s boat, which may have been #10, Miss Garside may have left the ship in #10, and transferred to #12, which rescued people from the overturned boat.  We cannot be sure, with no definite evidence.