Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Frauenthal, Dr Henry William 5 5 5.00
Frauenthal, Mr Isaac Gerald
5 5 5.00
Frauenthal, Mrs Clara
5 5 5.00


Henry wrote the following in May 1912 (On Board RMS Titanic, page 284):
    “I returned to my cabin, and insisted on my wife putting a life preserver on. We went on deck and got in the boat which was in charge of Third Officer Pitman. In this boat there were an equal number of men and women, thirty-four in all.”

Isaac Frauenthal, St. Louis Globe Democrat, April 20, 1912:
    "When the boat was being lowered I reached out to shake hands with Mrs. Frauenthal and two men caught hold of me and threw me into the boat. I worked an oar for the next two hours."

Mrs. C.E.H. Stengel, writing to Archibald Gracie, and published in his The Truth About the Titanic, page 244:
   "As the boat was being lowered, four men deliberately jumped into it. One of them was a Hebrew doctor -- another was his brother.  This was done at the risk of the lives of all of us in the boat. The two companions of this man who did this were the ones who were later transferred to boat No. 7, to which we were tied. He weighed about 250 pounds and wore two life preservers. These men who jumped in struck me and a little child."