Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Foley, Mr John 4 4 5.00
Hemming, Mr Samuel Ernest 4 4 5.00
McCarthy, Mr William 4 4 5.00


American Inquiry
Testimony of Samuel Hemming
, page 666
    Senator SMITH. You swam out to this boat that you saw?
    Mr. HEMMING. Yes, sir.
    Senator SMITH. How far was it from the side of the Titanic?
    Mr. HEMMING. About 200 yards.
    Senator SMITH. Did you swim that 200 yards?
    Mr. HEMMING. Yes.
    Senator SMITH. Did you have a life belt on?
    Mr. HEMMING. No, sir.
    Senator SMITH. When you reached the boat, what did you find?
    Mr. HEMMING. I tried to get hold of the grab line on the bows, and it was too high for me, so I swam along and got hold of one of the grab lines amidships.
    Senator SMITH. What did you do then?
    Mr. HEMMING. I pulled my head above the gunwale, and I said, "Give us a hand in, Jack." Foley was in the boat. I saw him standing up in the boat. He said, "Is that you, Sam?" I said, "Yes;" and him and the women and children pulled me in the boat.
    Senator SMITH. Who had charge in that boat?
    Mr. HEMMING. Perkis, quartermaster.

    Senator SMITH. How many men were there?
    Mr. HEMMING. There were four men?
    Senator SMITH. Who were they?
    Mr. HEMMING. Quartermaster Perkis, and there was Foley, the storekeeper, and McCarthy.

Testimony of Andrew Cunningham, page 794
    Senator SMITH.  You were swimming away from the suction that you supposed would follow the sinking?
    Mr. CUNNINGHAM: Yes.
    Senator SMITH.  What did you do then?
    Mr. CUNNINGHAM: I had a mate with me. We both left the ship together.
    Senator SMITH.  Did you see one?
    Mr. CUNNINGHAM: No. I heard one, and I called to it.
    Senator SMITH.  Did that lifeboat come toward you, or did you go toward it?
    Mr. CUNNINGHAM: I went toward it.
    Senator SMITH.  It did not come toward you?
    Mr. CUNNINGHAM: I do not think so.
    Senator SMITH.  When you got in it, whom did you find in it?
    Mr. CUNNINGHAM: There was a quartermaster in charge - Perkins or Perkis. It was No. 4 boat. They picked us up. There was also a lamp trimmer in it named Hemmings, and another sailor called Foley, and a fireman.

  QM Perkis' testimony was specific in that he was in #4.