Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Fleet, Mr Frederick 6 6 5.00


American Inquiry
Testimony of Frederick Fleet
, pages 325-326
    Senator SMITH.  What did you do?
    Mr. FLEET.  I helped to get the port boat out.
    Senator SMITH.  The fourth one?
    Mr. FLEET.  The port-side lifeboat. I got No.6 out.
    Senator SMITH.  How many of those boats did you help lower?
    Mr. FLEET.  I lowered No.6 to the rail.
    Senator SMITH.  How many sailors or men of the crew were put into No.6?
    Mr. FLEET.  There was me and one quartermaster.
    Senator SMITH.  Yourself and one quartermaster?
    Mr. FLEET.  Yes, sir.
    Senator SMITH.  Was that all of the crew or officers that were in that boat?
    Mr. FLEET.  That is all. No officers; just us two.
    Senator SMITH.  You and the quartermaster?
    Mr. FLEET.  Me and Quartermaster Hichens.
    Senator SMITH.  Did he survive?
    Mr. FLEET.  Yes, sir; he is staying in New York.
    Senator SMITH.  After lowering the lifeboat to the boat deck, did he get in first or you?
    Mr. FLEET.  I was told by Mr. Lightoller to get in the boat and help the women in.
    Senator SMITH.  You got in by direction of the second officer?
    Mr. FLEET.  Yes, sir.