Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Finoli, Mr Luigi
15? 15? 2.14


Urbana Daily Courier, April 20, 1912:
    "In the boat which Fignola, after a brutal struggle, managed to gain room, carried only three of the Titanic’s passengers; the others, number 42, were all members of the crew.
    The flimsiest bluff was the means of Fignola’s salvation. He had made two attempts to crawl into lifeboats that were being lowered by the davits from the forward part of the ship, but each time he was beaten off. As a last resort he took a straight-stemmed pipe from his pocket, and pointing it like a revolver and yelling he would shoot, cowed the others, who allowed him to pass."

A summary of info from the New York Evening World, April 19, 1912:
    "After the women and children had been taken off, the officers called out 'Everybody save themselves.' Hundreds of men rushed the three lifeboats that were being lowered from the "bow." Finoli bluffed his way into 'the last boat.' Several shots were fired by the officers, a steward was killed and two stokers were wounded."

We examined two scenarios - port boats 12, 14, 16, and starboard boats 11, 13, 15.  Each side, the three boats all left at close to the same times.  We know that Fifth Officer Lowe fired shots at #14.  However, the port boats gathered together, which Finoli does not mention.  The starboard boats did not gather together, so we chose "the last boat" of them - #15  But we could not give it much confidence.