Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
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Evans, Mr Frank Olliver    10 14 5.00


American Inquiry 

Testimony of Frank Evans, pages 675 - 677

Senator SMITH. That boat was lowered. Were there any male passengers in there; any members of the crew, males?
Mr. EVANS. I did not notice any. After we got them into that, I sung out to the seaman: "How many have you got in that boat?" I said: "Ginger, how many have you got?" He said: "There is only me here." I lowered that boat, sir, and she went away from the ship. I then went next to No. 10, sir, to that boat, and the chief officer, Mr. Murdoch, was standing there, and I lowered the boat with the assistance of a steward. The chief officer said, "What are you, Evans?" I said "A seaman, sir." He said "All right; get into that boat with the other seamen." He said, "Get into that boat," and I got into the bows of this boat, and a young ship's baker was getting the children and chucking them into the boat, and the women were jumping. Mr. Murdoch made them jump across into the boat.

Senator SMITH. What occurred then; was it lowered?
    Mr. E
VANS. It was lowered.
    Senator S
MITH. To the water?
    Mr. E
VANS. Yes; to the water.

Senator SMITH. How long did you stop there?
    Mr. E
VANS. We stopped there about an hour, I think it was, sir, when No. 14 boat came over with one officer.

    Senator S
MITH. What officer?

    Mr. E
VANS. The fifth officer. I think it was.

    Senator S
MITH. Mr. Lowe; No. 14 boat?

    Mr. E
VANS. No. 14 boat. He came over in No. 14 boat, and he says, "Are there any seamen there?" We said, "Yes, sir." He said, "All right; you will have to distribute these passengers among these boats. Tie them all together and come into my boat," he said, "to go over into the wreckage and pick up anyone that is alive there." So we got into his boat and went straight over toward the wreckage. We picked up four men there, sir; alive.