Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Evans, Mr Alfred Frank 15 15 3.75


British Inquiry
Testimony of Samuel Rule
    9618. We may take it from you that the crew of No. 15 consisted of seven men? - All in the boat together?
    9619. Yes? - There were more than that.
    9620. How many seamen were in the boat? - One.
    9621. (The Commissioner.) What do you mean by a seaman? Do you mean an A.B.? - I could not swear whether he was an A.B.
    9622. (Mr. Scanlan - To the Witness.) When you say there was a seaman in the boat with you, do you mean one of the A.B.’s? - He was a deckhand.
    9623. He would be either an A.B or an ordinary seaman? - Yes.

The 'deckhand' that Rule mentions is not named, but by the process of elimination, appears to have been Lookout Alfred Evans. According to Evans’ family, he stated he was in the ‘last boat lowered’. No. 15 wasn’t the last boat lowered, but was the last of the aft starboard boats, and did have an unidentified seaman in it, fitting Evans’ details.

We are not convinced this sailor in #15 is Evans, but he is the most likely candidate.