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Etches, Mr Henry Samuel 5 5 5.00


American Inquiry
Testimony of Henry Etches, pages 816-817
    Senator SMITH.  Then you proceeded to boat No. 5?
    Mr. ETCHES.  Yes sir. The next boat on the same side.
    Senator SMITH.  What did you do there?
    Mr. ETCHES.  I assisted as I had assisted at No. 7. I stood by the forward fall with the quartermaster and three more stewards.
    Senator SMITH.  Who was the quartermaster?
    Mr. ETCHES.  Mr. Olliver, sir.
    Senator SMITH.  Did he survive?
    Mr. ETCHES.  Yes, sir.

    Senator SMITH.  What men got into it?
    Mr. ETCHES.  There were two firemen in the bow of the boat, Mr. Pitman was standing in the center on the deck waiting, and one steward was standing with myself at the forward fall. Olliver, the sailor, the quartermaster who been assisting, stepped back with myself into the crowd of gentlemen. Mr. Murdoch said to me: "Are you the steward appointed to this boat?" I said, "Yes, sir; No. 5 boat is mine." He said: “Then jump in and assist those men with the forward fall." I took my place. At the same moment Mr. Pitman called out: "Is there a sailor in the boat?" I looked around and I said: "No, sir." He said to this man Olliver, who was standing on the deck: "Are you a sailor?" He said: "Yes, sir." He said: "Take your place in this boat;" and he jumped in. Mr. Murdoch then stepped up and said, "Are you the officer going in this boat?"' He said: "Yes, sir." Then he said: “Take your place," held out his hand and shook hands and said, "Good-by and good luck." and he took his place and the order was given to lower the boat.
    Senator SMITH.  Who was that officer to whom Murdoch spoke?
    Mr. ETCHES.  Mr. Pitman.
    Senator SMITH.  The third officer?
    Mr. ETCHES.  Yes, sir.