Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Endres, Miss Caroline Louise 4 4 5.00
Fleming, Miss Margaret 4 4 5.00
Gieger, Miss Amalie Henriette 4 4 5.00

Miss Endres was the nurse for Mrs. Astor, Fleming and Gieger were the maids for Mrs. Thayer and Mrs. Widener, respectively.

Following the disaster, Mrs. Martha Stephenson wrote an account published in George Behe's On Board RMS Titanic, pages 403 to 409.  Her description of the sinking exactly describes lifeboat #4.  In addition, she says:
    "We found ourselves in the boat with Mrs. Arthur Ryerson, her boy, two daughters, governess and maid; Mrs. John Thayer and maid, Mrs. Widener and maid, Mrs. Astor, her trained nurse and maid, Mrs. Carter, her two children and maid, Mrs. Cumings, and Mrs. Walter Clark”.