Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Earnshaw, Mrs Olive 7
7 5.00
Hays, Miss Margaret Bechstein 7
7 5.00
Potter, Mrs Lily Alexenia 7
7 5.00
Tucker, Mr Gilbert Milligan Jr 7
7 5.00

Albany Times Union, May 26, 1953.  Mr Tucker said that:
    "This determined me to get myself and friends (some young women had met in Egypt) ready for anything that might happen.
    I, with my friends, was near the first boat to be cleared on the starboard side. There was very general hesitancy about taking to the boats… Many preferred the vast bulk of the Titanic, supposed to be the staunchest ever built, to the frail and pitifully small-looking lifeboats… Nevertheless, my friends decided to go in the boat. As the order was given to lower away there were only about 15 people, mostly women and children, with two members of the crew, and there was no desire for anyone else to get aboard.
    When the boat was about 15 feet below the rail, my friends called to me to come along, and, with one or two other men, I slid down the ropes. We’ll be back on board for breakfast, was what I thought.
    Those of us who could manned the oars, and we pulled slowly away from the sinking Titanic. I don’t know how far we lay off when the real horror of the situation dawned upon us…. We were rowing about for at least two hours before the big vessel went down. We were near enough to see the lights in the portholes, row by row, sink beneath the sea; to see figures moving about the decks, and, worst of all, to hear the screams of those going down to their graves."

In the Albany Knickerbocker of June 3rd 1961, Mr Tucker also said that his
    “boat bobbed about for half an hour when another lifeboat, greatly overcrowded, hove to. We pulled alongside and transferred quite a number of its passengers to our boat.”

It has been established that Gilbert Tucker met Mrs Thomas Potter, her daughter, Mrs Earnshaw, and Miss Margaret Hays, while travelling in Europe.

In addition, in the Colorado Springs Gazette, March 1913, Miss Hays said:
    “We were put in the first lifeboat that was dropped off the Titanic, and we seemed to be drifting in the ocean half frozen, for hours, before the Carpathia reached us. It was a most terrible experience.”

All are placed in Lifeboat 7 by Colonel Gracie in his book The Truth About the Titanic.