Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Duran y Moré, Miss Asunción 12 12 3.94
Padrón Manent, Mrs Florentina 12 12 3.94


From El Pais, Madrid, May 23rd 1912
   This article, told mainly through Emilio Pallás y Castellò tells how Miss Asunción Duran y Moré and Florentina Padrón Manent left the Titanic.
    "They went on deck, where they saw the people being dragged before the boats. When the Durán sisters arrived, some crewmen hastily picked them up and put them in a boat; the men were rejected.
    A young man in his twenties tried to get into that boat; but the crew ejected him forcefully, attacking him with firearms. The boat was lowered, but the boy, taking advantage of an oversight, jumped headlong, falling among the women.
    The officer who directed the lowering of boat to the water, pointed a revolver at him, but the women interceded for him, and their supplications allowed him to continue in the boat, but he was forced to row.
    When this boat moved away from the ‘Titanic’ they saw near it a boat that had capsized, and on it a group of men asking for help."

The rescue of men from a capsized boat indicates the ladies were in lifeboat 12 at that point. However, the mention of disturbances on deck, and an officer with a revolver means that we cannot rule out entirely the possibility that the two women left the Titanic in lifeboat 14, and were then transferred to lifeboat 12.