Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Duff Gordon, Sir Cosmo Edmund 1 1 5.00
Duff Gordon, Lady Lucy Christiana 1 1 5.00


British Inquiry
Testimony of Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon
    12499. Then did you hear any orders given with reference to No. 1 boat.
    12500. Yes, an officer - I do not know who he was - ordered -
    12501. An officer? - Yes, I think it was the same officer who had been doing the other boats. We had followed them along. He said: “Man the emergency boat,” and he said so to a number of, I think, firemen or some of the crew, some eight or ten of them who were standing there. I then spoke to him and I said “May we get into the boat?” and he said “Yes, I wish you would” or “Very glad if you would” or some expression like that. There were no passengers at all near us then. He put the ladies in and helped me in myself and we were joined by two Americans who came running along the deck. I think he then told two other or three other of the firemen that they might just as well get in, and then he put one man - I did not know his name until lately - in charge of the boat, Symons.

We know George Symons was in charge of lifeboat #1.