Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Dick, Mr Albert Adrian
3 3 4.81
Dick, Mrs Vera
3 4.81


Archibald Gracie's The Truth About the Titanic places Mr. and Mrs. Dick in lifeboat #3.

From the New York Herald, 19 April 1912:
    "We were indifferent about leaving the steamship as we did not believe it was going to sink. We got off in the third boat."

In The Albertan of April 14, 1960, Mrs. Dick says they watched the first few boats leave half full. Then she found herself about to be ushered into a boat. She didn't want to leave her husband, and then a crewman shoved them both in.
    "Mrs. Dick recalled a very elderly woman speaking for the first time, saying she saw a light." [Note: There is no mention of tying up to another boat.]

Mr. Dick was quoted in the Toronto Star of April 20, 1912 saying theirs was the sixth boat. It was the last on that side, and Mrs. Dick was the last woman on deck when she got in. He said she wouldn't go and threw her arms around him. Once all the women were aboard, men crowded into it. An officer threatened to shoot, which drew some order from the men, "yet our boat was nearly upset."  He said there were 32 in the boat, mostly men. There were no seamen, only stokers for crew.

We are almost sure, but not positive, they were in #3.