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Daily Mirror, May 4, 1912, Stewardess Martin:
    "One of our women was a Portuguese, 21 years of age, who had only recently been married. She was in a state of hysteria for her husband was on the ship...''

Western Daily Mercury, April 30, 1912,Stewardesses Gold, Leather and Martin in boat #11:
    "Another of the women passengers in this lifeboat was a Portuguese bride on her honeymoon, whose husband was lost. A pathetic scene was witnessed in the early morning when the Carpathia appeared in sight. The bride was full of joy in the belief that it was still the Titanic, and that her husband, consequently, was safe. When she was disillusioned her grief was something terrible to witness. She broke down and cried piteously, being quite inconsolable."

Mrs. Del Carlo, an Italian, was a bride of two months on the Titanic.  We are not aware of
any Portuguese women on the Titanic who were widowed, and consequently we think the 'Portuguese' identifications were in error.