Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Daniels, Miss Sarah 8 8 5.00


From The Montreal Star, April 20th 1912:
    "Miss Daniels was quoted as saying that the officer in charge of lowering her boat said, “Row to that light over there, and when you get there unload your passengers and return for another lot.”

The Montreal Gazette for April 20th 1912 has:
    "The boat I was in was not very crowded. There were only four men in the boat, and they took the oars. There was an officer in the boat, and a woman steered as we were pulled away in the darkness.
    The sea was calm and I could see no ice about. Many of the women in the boat were dressed in little more than night dresses and they suffered terribly from the cold. The four men had to pull hard to get the boat away from the steamer for there were seventeen women on board the boat into which I was put. At least I counted that number. There may have been more."

These accounts perfectly describe #8, which rowed toward the boat with the light for many hours.