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Daly, Mr Peter Denis
Collapsible A 14 5.00

Peter Daly gave the following account in the New York Times on April 22, 1912:
    "I don't know whether it was a minute or a half hour that I was drifting about in the icy water, when suddenly I bumped into a lifeboat and called for the men in it to give me a hand. I was pulled in by R.N. Williams and George Rheims. There were about thirty men and women in the boat. I see by the statement of Col. Gracie and Mr. Rheims that they thought the passengers were mostly stokers. I do not think this is accurate, as is shown by the fact that Col. Gracie didn't show Mr. Rheims, and they may have mistaken others in the boat who were passengers for stokers. Even in the lifeboat it was a desperate struggle for life, because of the confusion. We were only saved by the bravery and composure of such men as Rheims, Gracie, Mellars, and Williams."

Colonel Gracie was rescued on Collapsible B.  It is likely that Daly saw statements from him in the paper, and mistook his statements about being saved aboard a collapsible as him having been in the same boat.  Both Rheims and Mellors are confirmed as having been in Collapsible A.

Despite this confusion, there is corroboration that Daly was rescued aboard Collapsible A.  George Rheims states, in the New York Herald on April 20, 1912, that “Among the survivors in the boat were P.D. Daly and R.N. Williams, of Philadephia, and Mrs. Rose Abbott.”

In his letter to his wife, Rheims also refers to Peter Daly being in Collapsible A, albeit, unnamed.  He stated "I had the pleasure to be able to save a poor man, father of nine children, who asked me to give him a picture of myself with a dedication fit for the King of England." Peter Daly had 10 children, so surely this is a reference to him.

Daly’s grandson wrote a lengthy article about his survival for the website Encyclopedia Titanica, in which he also confirms that he was rescued from the water.

In the end, due to the corroboration from Rheims, there is no doubt that Peter Daly was one of the survivors in Collapsible A, and then transferred to #14 with the rest of these survivors..