Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Dahl, Mr Charles 15 15 5.00


Dahl related his account to T. P. Shaver on the train, after which Shaver phrased the story in (apparently) Dahl’s own words. [On Board RMS Titanic page 258]:
    “One officer and two sailors were putting out the boats. Just after getting into the boat, I heard a terrible scream beneath us. I looked over the edge of ours and saw that there was a lifeboat of women and children that had not yet been cleared. Had our boat been lowered instantly it would have swamped theirs. They saw their danger, hence this scream. I reached over and got hold of the stern of the lower boat and kept it clear of ours, then we were lowered down. We had hard work to get the tackle off our boat, as we could not get the lever to work. I got a knife and cut away the ropes, thus getting clear of the ship. There were 82 people in our lifeboat, number 15. Seven were children, eight women and the rest men.”

Dahl interview, Ward County Independent, May 2, 1912:
    "I remained at the starboard side until the last boat, well filled, was going down the side of the ship. When it was 30 feet down it stopped because there was another boat below that had not gotten out of the way. I asked the officer if he would have any objections to my getting in and he told me to keep out. He said the boat was too far down. I told him that if he'd give me permission to get in I'd do so, and he said it was okay for me to try, I knew that would be my last chance. I grabbed one of the ropes and getting my leg around it, slid down to the boat, which already contained [illegible] people, mostly men, as the women had all been cared for. I will admit that the boat was pretty full. But there was room for me. One of the fellows wanted to chuck me out, but I told him I had permission from the officer, and they let me remain.
    The boat below us was having trouble, as they did not know how to unfasten the ropes. The women below us were afraid our boat was coming right down on top of theirs, and I never heard such screaming in all my life. We kept lowering and finally when we were close to their boat I asked for a knife and being handed one, cut the rope of their boat and it floated safely away."

If is very clear that Dahl was in #15.