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American Inquiry
Testimony of Andrew Cunningham, page 794
    Senator SMITH.  You were swimming away from the suction that you supposed would follow the sinking?
    Mr. CUNNINGHAM: Yes.
    Senator SMITH.  What did you do then?
    Mr. CUNNINGHAM: I had a mate with me. We both left the ship together.
    Senator SMITH.  Then you turned to look for a lifeboat?
    Mr. CUNNINGHAM: Then I turned to look for a lifeboat; yes.
   Senator SMITH.  Did you see one?
    Mr. CUNNINGHAM: No. I heard one, and I called to it.
    Senator SMITH.  Did that lifeboat come toward you, or did you go toward it?
    Mr. CUNNINGHAM: I went toward it.
    Senator SMITH.  It did not come toward you?
    Mr. CUNNINGHAM: I do not think so.
    Senator SMITH.  When you got in it, whom did you find in it?
    Mr. CUNNINGHAM: There was a quartermaster in charge - Perkins or Perkis. It was No. 4 boat. They picked us up. There was also a lamp trimmer in it named Hemmings, and another sailor called Foley, and a fireman.

Perkis was specific in that he was in #4.