Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Cumings, Mrs Florence Briggs 4 4 5.00
Eustis, Miss Elizabeth Mussey 4 4 5.00
Stephenson, Mrs Martha 4 4 5.00


American Inquiry
Testimony of Andrew Cunningham, pages 794-795 (occupant of #4)
    Mr. CUNNINGHAM: There was a quartermaster in charge - Perkins or Perkis. It was No. 4 boat. They picked us up. There was also a lamp trimmer in it named Hemmings, and another sailor called Foley, and a fireman. The rest were ladies. Two of my own passengers happened to be there.

    Mr. CUNNINGHAM: The reason I know the names of any of them is that  Mrs. Cummings, one of my passengers, sent me around to find out who was in the boat.

American Inquiry
Affidavit of Emily Ryerson (occupant of #4), page 1107:
    "Mrs. Thayer, Mrs. Widener, Mrs. Astor and Miss Eustis were the only others I knew in our boat."

Martha Stephenson’s letter [On Board RMS Titanic, page 406] describes the situation at #4 in great detail, and also confirms Mrs. Cumings' presence in #4.
    "We found ourselves in the boat with Mrs. Arthur Ryerson, her boy, two daughters, governess and maid; Mrs. John Thayer and maid, Mrs. Widener and maid, Mrs. Astor, her trained nurse and maid, Mrs. Carter, her two children and maid, Mrs. Cumings, and Mrs. Walter Clark of Los Angeles, with many from second and third cabin besides the eight men whom we had pulled in from the sea."