Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
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Crowe, Mr George Frederick 14 14 5.00


American Inquiry
Testimony of George Crowe, page 615-617
    Mr. CROWE. After that I went to boat No. 14, the boat allotted to me - that is, in the case of fire or boat drill - and I stood by according to the proceedings of the drill. I assisted in handing the women and children into the boat, and was asked if I could take an oar, and I said "Yes." and was told to man the boat.

    Mr. CROWE. That was his boat; yes, sir. After getting the women and children in, we lowered down within 4 or 5 feet of the water and found the block and tackle had gotten twisted in some way, causing us to have to cut the ropes to allow the boat to get into the water.
    Senator BOURNE. Who called to you to do that?
    Mr. CROWE. The fifth officer, sir.
    Senator BOURNE. He was in the boat with you?
    Mr. CROWE. Yes, sir.

    Mr. CROWE. Returning back to the wreckage, we heard various cries, and endeavored to get among them, and we were successful in doing so and in picking one body up that was floating around in the water; when we got him into the boat - after great difficulty, he being such a heavy man - he expired shortly afterwards. Going farther into the wreckage we came across a steward or one of the crew, and we got him into the boat, and he was very cold and his hands were kind of stiff, but we got him in and he recovered by the time we got back to the Carpathia.
    Senator BOURNE. Did he survive?
    Mr. CROWE. Yes, sir; also a Japanese or Chinese young fellow that we picked up on top of some of the wreckage - it might have been a sideboard or table - that was floating around. We stopped until daybreak, and we saw in the distance a raft or Berthon boat submerged, in the distance, with a crowd of men on it. We went over to the boat and found probably 20, or there might have been 25, men and 1 woman; also 3 or 4 dead bodies, which we left. Returning again under canvas sail - we stepped our mast at night - we took in tow a collapsible boat containing fully 60 people - women, children, and men.

Senator BOURNE. You were in boat No. 14 when it was lowered?
Mr. CROWE. Yes, sir.

Everything Mr. Crowe describes indicates #14 under command of Fifth Officer Lowe.  Not only was Crowe lowered in #14, he was one of those who went back into the wreck site looking for survivors.