Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Crimmins, Mr James 16 to 6? 16 to 6? 3.00


From The Southampton Echo, date unknown, but before his death in 1956.
    "I was in the stokehole, working in just a vest and short pants, when there was a shout `Every man for himself.' I dashed up to the boat deck, where there were crowds of passengers milling about near lifeboats being lowered.
    I helped where I could and got away myself among those in the last lifeboat. I was the only one in the lifeboat who was half-naked, and a woman passenger, the wealthy Mrs Astor, ripped her big fur muff down the middle to wrap around me. I reckon that saved my life for we had to wait four-and-a-half hours before we were picked up by the liner Carpathia."

If this account is true, it is entirely possible that Crimmins left the Titanic in lifeboat 16 (the last lifeboat of the aft port boats), and was then transferred to lifeboat 6. In that boat, Mrs Margaret Brown said “Immediately over into our boat jumped a half-frozen stoker, black and covered with coal dust, dressed as he was in thin jumpers. I picked up a large sable stole that I had dropped in the boat, and from his waist down wrapped it around his limbs, tying the tails around his ankles."  We believe Crimmins identification of Mrs. Astor was incorrect.