Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Coutts, Mrs Mary 2 2 5.00
Coutts, Master Neville Leslie 2 2 5.00
Coutts, Master William Loch 2 2 5.00


Following the disaster, Mrs. Coutts wrote the following letter to a friend in England (reprinted in On a Sea of Glass, page 255):

    “We saw the ship go down, and heard the cries, groans, and shouts. It was terrible; I shall never forget it. We were in one of the small collapsible boats; seventeen in it. Neville cried with the cold. I had to threaten to drown him to keep him quiet. Too bad after what he had just come through. We were the first boat picked up by the Carpathia about 4 a.m., I should think. I know it was not light.”

The "first boat picked up" and "seventeen in it" very much identify #2.  She said it was a "small collapsible", but though #2 was smaller than a regular lifeboat, she erred in saying it was a collapsible.