Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Cook, Mrs Selena 14
Collapsible D 5.00
Lemore, Mrs Amelia 14
Collapsible D 5.00

Commutator 22 has an account written by Mrs Cook in her later years:
    "As we got up to the Boat Deck, they were calling out, “All hands on deck,” and immediately afterwards came the call, 'Women and Children in the boats.' Milley and I looked at one another but neither spoke a word. Then I started to cry and I noticed that Milley was shaking as we stood arm in arm. As we made our way along the deck to try and get into the boats, the first distress rocket went up and then I knew we were in great danger.
    But everybody was calm and we stood there watching all the boats fill up one after another. I knew there was little or no chance of us getting off for lots of women with babies would not get in and those that wouldn’t, the crew took their babies and threw them in and then the women were obliged to follow. Well, we got along to No.14 Lifeboat, the last one that was lowered in safely and I asked the officer if there was room for two. He said yes, 'for you two and a good many more.' So with that, as we got in as we promised one another we would stick together through it all. Then as several Italians were making for jumping into our boat, our officer said he would shoot any man who dared jump into the boat. With that, he fired his revolver, but only down the side of the ship. He then gave the crew orders to lower the boat.
    We had 58 in ours and they started to lower away. When we got so far down, the ropes would not act so they gave orders to cut them and we dropped almost down onto another boat. One or two of us shrieked but was soon told to “shut up.” Then our officer (Mr Lowe) rowed us out from the sinking ship and then got all the boats that were near and roped them all together. We were only 100 yards from the Titanic and we begged him to take us further away in case we should be sucked under, but he assured us we were quite alright. ....
    Our officer divided us into the other boats and he went back to the wreck to see if he could help anyone. We rescued about ten and I think they were all men. The water was as calm as a tabletop when we first got on, but as dawn broke it got rougher. ....
   There was a little hole at the bottom of our collapsible boat and we had to keep bailing the water out. I was kneeling in the water for nearly 7½ hours. We sighted a raft with about nine men on it and one woman, so we rowed to them and rescued them just as the raft was sinking. One poor man on it had only his pants and his White Star shirt on. He was blue and numb with cold. All this while, I had been hugging my steamer rug, so seeing him, I asked Mr Hardy to throw it to him, but he asked me if I minded the woman having it. With that, he threw it to her and I got it back the day we landed."
Mrs. Cooks description fits that she and Mrs Lemore first got into #14, then transferred into Collapsible D.  They were in D when it was being towed by #14 when #14 rescued the people in Collapsible A.