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Collins, Mr John Collapsible B 4? or 12?


American Inquiry
Testimony of John Collins
    Senator BOURNE. How many were rescued from the water beside yourself, on the boat you got into, which I understand was No. 16?
    Mr. COLLINS. No, sir; the boat we got into was not No. 16.
    Senator BOURNE. What was the number?
    Mr. COLLINS. It was a collapsible boat.
    Mr. COLLINS. Well, sir, the boat was taken off the saloon deck, and the wave came up and washed the boat right off, and she was upside down, sir, and the water washed over her. She was turned over, and we were standing on her.
    Senator BOURNE. You were standing on the bottom of the boat?
    Mr. COLLINS. Yes, sir.

Unfortunately, though we are positive that Collins was on Collapsible B, he was not specific as to whether he was then picked up by boat #4 or boat #12