Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Collett, Mr Sidney Clarence Stuart 9 9 5.00


Auburn Citizen, New York, April 23rd 1912:
     "There were no more women to go and I asked the officer if there was any objection to my going in that boat. He said, “No, get in, “ and I was the last one in. I think it was the third boat from the last to go from that side. It was No.9 and we had to get away fast. Besides other boats coming down there was danger from the sinking boat. I cannot describe the sinking in any other way than to say it was like the noise from a football field, not loud like a shout of victory, but hushed as though there was a canvas over it.
    We worked all night at the oars and Paddy McGuffe was master of our boat. He was a stoker or a sailor, rather, for he wore his oil clothes."

In an interview in the New York Times, April 20th 1912, Collett explained how he had managed to secure one of the number 9 plates from the lifeboat. He explained that he entered the boat with Marion Wright and Kate Buss.